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Getting warmed up!

As a self-proclaimed sauna enthusiast and Helsinki local, I've had the joy of watching our city come alive in the most heartwarming way possible - saunas available to be explored! Imagine, if you will, a day when the entire city turns into a communal living room, with doors flung open to the steamy embrace of saunas of every shape and size. That’s what we wish for the coming saunaday! It's like the whole of Helsinki decides to take a collective deep breath and relax. And guess what? The future of this already fabulous day looks even brighter and steamier, if you can believe it. So, let me share with you, dear readers, my dreamy vision for the saunaday to come.

Photo: My personal favorite sauna: Furuvik Beach Sauna with cold swimming in Helsinki.


1. A World of Saunas: Picture this - floating saunas bobbing gently on the Baltic, ice saunas sparkling under the winter sun, and themed saunas that whisk you away to different corners of the globe right from our backyard. The possibilities are endless, and each one promises a unique dip into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Learning and Unwinding: I'm all for deepening our sauna lore with workshops that dive into the rich traditions and health perks of basking in that glorious heat. Imagine pairing a sauna session with a yoga class or a guided meditation. It's the ultimate combo for body and soul, and I'm here for it!

3. A Melting Pot of Traditions: Helsinki's got this vibrant tapestry of cultures, and what better way to celebrate that diversity than through saunas? Themed saunas showcasing traditions from around the world could offer us a steamy slice of global camaraderie right here in our city.

4. Art and Ambiance: There's something magical about the blend of art, music, and sauna. Future events could transform our sauna sessions into immersive experiences, with live performances and installations that stir the soul as much as the steam soothes the body.

5. Inclusivity at Its Warmest: Sauna culture is for everyone, and I envision a globally celebrated saunaday that truly embraces this. Accessible saunas, family-friendly steam rooms, and events that welcome every single soul with open arms are the future I want to live in.

6. Local Love: There's something special about supporting our local artisans and producers, and what better occasion than saunaday? From sauna-themed crafts to delicious local treats, it's an opportunity to celebrate the incredible talent we have right here at home.

As I sit here, wrapped in my coziest robe and dreaming of saunadays to come, I can't help but feel a surge of excitement for what the future holds. Sauna as a tradition has already given us so much joy and unity, and with these visions, I believe we can turn up the heat and keep the flame burning. So, here's to more steam, more smiles, and more enjoyable löylys!


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