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Team behind Sauna Day

Sauna Day is proud to have a workforce of devoted sauna lovers who work hard to create memorable events that attendees will cherish forever. 

Sauna has been a tradition for centuries, and our team behind Sauna Day is dedicated to keeping that tradition alive.

Tea has been always a person who organizes gatherings and happenings and brings different people together. She is a person who often says “You two people should get to know each other!” 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, while enjoying the tranquil sanctuary of the sauna, Tea Lindberg, a woman owning and operating over 10 saunas in Finland and founder and creator of, wanted to find a way to bring people back together.

During the isolation and uncertainty of tomorrow, people had slowly learned to be alone and not seeing too much each others. Tea started to invite friends and people to come to morning sauna where people could feel connected again and have breakfast together. Here began “Hyvien tyyppien aamusauna” which is translated as Good folks morning sauna. But why stop there when the goal is clear: together we could aim for a better, healthier, and more relaxed tomorrow, and where better to start than the soothing warmth of a sauna?


The idea of World Sauna Day came up on the sauna bench during a morning sauna session with the Good Folks. This group shares the same passion for wellness, community, and tranquility, and joined forces to turn this idea into a global celebration.


Tea noted It was clear that the best way to do this is to gather a team of professionals and create a biannual day where everyone with a sauna can share the warmth around the world!

While waiting until the world slowly started to open its doors, planning started straight away and now, after a lot of work and anticipation, the first World Sauna Day is upon us.







Sauna Day began as a simple idea - a way to bring sauna people together worldwide to enjoy a relaxing day.  Our team has worked hard to make this idea a reality and we're proud to say that we've become one of the premier event companies in the area. 

Our team at Sauna Day is made up of passionate and driven individuals with varying strengths and skills, all dedicated to delivering one-of-a-kind events to the community. Get to know our team below and see why Sauna Day is the talk of the world!

Behind the story


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Behind each Sauna Day

We cherish community, inclusivity, and the traditional Finnish sauna culture, aiming to unite people from all walks of life through shared warmth and wellness. Yet, we love how the sauna is now beyond what Finland has to offer. It's more, bigger and fitting to different sauna styles.

Something that never changes is our values. We value sustainability, promoting eco-friendly practices and innovation in sauna experiences, while fostering cultural exchange and local engagement.

Above all, we believe in the power of warmth — both physical and emotional — to bring people together, creating a more connected and welcoming world


Organizing global Sauna Days demands a high level of meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to furthering a great cause. It requires a deep understanding of diverse sauna traditions worldwide, along with exceptional logistical skills to rally for venues, participants, and cultural activities across different countries. The ability to foster partnerships with local and international participants is crucial.

Effective communication, adaptability, and a passion for promoting wellness and community through sauna experiences are the hallmarks of the professionalism needed to bring such a visionary event to life.

Work hard - sauna hard!

Even though we do take our work and efforts seriously, we are hardly ever serious. Atypical for Finns? Get used to it! ;)

We specialize in creating platforms and visibility which cater to the needs of sauna operators and sauna lovers.

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