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World Sauna day 
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WHAT IS SAUNA DAY and what is happening?

Sauna Day seamlessly blends local tradition with global participation.


World Sauna Day uniquely combines local tradition with global participation, transforming it into an event that celebrates the communal spirit of sauna culture within individual communities while connecting enthusiasts worldwide.


Through local events where sauna owners open their doors and global outreach facilitated by the Sauna Day team, the event fosters community bonds and cultural exchange. This dual approach ensures Sauna Day is a celebration of both the intimate, local experiences of sauna culture and its universal appeal, bridging communities across borders in a shared tradition.

  • Explore sauna listings on
    Utilize the website to find saunas by location, type, and event offerings, making it easier to plan your Sauna Day.

  • Utilize the interactive map:
    Identify saunas and events in your desired areas or explore new locations for a spontaneous adventure.

  • Participate in unique sauna experiences:
    Attend special events, rituals, and wellness activities offered by sauna owners to fully immerse yourself in the sauna culture.

opening saunas

sauna owners and operators
  • List your saunas and sauna events on
    Provide detailed information about your sauna, including location, type, visiting times, capacities, and unique features or traditions to attract visitors.

  • Open your doors to visitors:
    Welcome both locals and tourists into your saunas, offering a unique and authentic sauna experience.

  • Host special events:
    Organize sauna-related activities, such as guided löyly (steam) sessions, traditional and modern sauna rituals, or wellness workshops to enhance the visitor experience.

get ready
for sauna day

Keep yourself up-to-date with this site and join Sauna Day wherever you are to discover true local gems! Remember to check all relevant information for the saunas you plan to visit.

Remember to show love and respect to the saunas you visit by leaving feedback, reviews, and posting about your great experiences on social media.

Do you own a sauna business, have a sauna at home, or in your apartment building that you would like to open up to visitors?

We invite all owners of saunas and sauna operators worldwide to participate in Sauna Day by opening your doors, whether at home or at your facilities! Register your sauna on this site.


next date

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