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Join sauna day

Sauna Day is a synchronized effort to open the doors of saunas for everyone to enjoy – Come share the warmth on the next World Sauna Day! DATE ANNOUNCED SOON!

You can register here to the new Sauna Day even before the date has been announced!

We would love
to have you join!

  • Do you run a sauna business, have a sauna at home or in your apartment building that you would like to open up to visitors?

  • Interested in joining sauna day and opening you sauna door for publicity or having a private sauna get together?

please apply using thIS form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

This sauna on Sauna Day will be listed as...
Private sauna (invite only)
Free of charge
Need to buy a ticket
Sauna type. Please select as many options which describe your sauna the most*
Other features
Event starting time
Event ending time

Please, after sending the form, send us photos of your sauna to be added to the website: Unless you choose to opt out from being shared in social media, we will gladly use the photos in social media to announce your participation in World Sauna Day. We post on our Facebook and Instagram account @saunadaycom .

"I'm forbidding to post about our sauna or pictures of our sauna to social media to prevent from advertising our participation on World Sauna Day."

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