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sauna day

New date coming soon

Make sure to join the biggest international sauna event in the history of saunas! Click the button below to register! Joining World Sauna Day is always free and with your terms.

THE WORLD Sauna day is a biannual innovative global event for one of the most cherished traditions: the ultimate sauna experience.

The event days Brings people together and fosters sauna communities around the globe.

Stay tuned for the next sauna day DATE!

to be announced soon

What is
sauna day?

Sauna Day is about living and breathing everything sauna-related. It is about creating events that bring happiness and relaxation to people. Whether you’re a sauna enthusiast or just in search of a good time, this day is designed to provide an unique and unforgettable experience!


There are an endless number of saunas in the world and most of them are still unknown. Sauna Day is all about letting everyone know where and how to experience sauna no matter what part of the world you are! Sauna Day is about sharing the sauna community and warmth across the globe - bringing saunas and people closer to one another.


We believe sauna does good for us people - physically, socially and mentally.


We donate 1 EUR for each sauna that participates to World Sauna day to the World Federation Mental Health (WFMH)! 

Join World Sauna Day on the 27th of April and take part in making the world a better place - through sauna, of course. 



Sauna Day's mission is to create a warm and inviting environment where individuals gather on the sauna bench to enjoy socializing, wellness, and relaxation.

Our goal is to simplify access to saunas for everyone and support sauna providers globally to share their saunas through, enhancing the sauna tradition.

"I have a sauna, how do I participate?"

we're glad you asked


Unlock the potential of your sauna by registering with!

Offer private group slots or open sessions with flexible attendance options. Join now to share the warmth and wellness of your sauna with the world!


Let us know you and your sauna, and we will do our part in launching it to the rest of the world. After your registration to sauna day, we will make sure to help and support you. Here are some tips and practical pointers to consider when planning and preparing:

  • Think of the times you open your doors.

  • Decide how many visitors you will have per allotted time.

  • Set some ground rules and guides for the visitors.

  • Let people know how to announce their arrival.

  • Indicate how to get in contact with you, in case of questions or emergencies.

  • Make sure visitors know how to share their experiences on social media!
    (ie. what is your IG handle they can tag to photos?)

  • Remember to advertise your participation in sauna day by sharing a link to this site and by posting it on social media channels you use. Tag us! @saunaday #saunaday #theworldsaunaday

  • Find an "easy-enough" way to gather feedback or reviews. Then use those to better the experience next time and to let others know how much your sauna was loved!


You can choose to have a private sauna session for a group of your own and enjoy sauna day amongst your friends! Alternatively, you can choose to open your sauna either free of charge or opt to rent it out for a fee and make it profitable for you! 

If you are opening your home sauna to guests, remember that it is a more private setting - and that is a wonderful aspect! Be mindful to provide ample space for those visiting your home sauna, ensuring their comfort and enjoyment.

Our team is experienced and dedicated to making sure you will get the best out of THE WORLD sauna day, so come and join us for some much-needed relaxation and revitalization

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This sauna on Sauna Day will be listed as...
Private sauna (invite only)
Free of charge
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Sauna type. Please select as many options which describe your sauna the most*
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Please, after sending the form, send us photos of your sauna to be added to the website: Unless you choose to opt out from being shared in social media, we will gladly use the photos in social media to announce your participation in World Sauna Day. We post on our Facebook and Instagram account @saunadaycom .

"I'm forbidding to post about our sauna or pictures of our sauna to social media to prevent from advertising our participation on World Sauna Day."

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